Thunix has been hosted by WNY Technology Collaborative since January 2020. Thunix has very unique needs, as it is a public UNIX system, allowing members to create a whole host of content, hosting an IRC server, web server for users, VPN services, and a whole host of things. As a service to the technology community, WNY Technology Collaborative sponsors their services.

Fuck My BRCA1

FuckMyBRCA1 is a blog dedicated to the story of a person taking charge of their health. We host the website, which is a static site, hosted on our shared, managed services system.


BuffaloMesh.Net is a community-driven project to get free wireless access for all citizens of the city. Their site and email is hosted with WNY Technology Collaborative via our shared services system.

Kaisertown Friends Association

Kaisertown Friends Association has WNY Technology Collaborative hosting their website, and managing their email services, and they utilize our shared services systems.