WNY Technology Collaborative offers a number of services:

Web Hosting

Our simple web hosting plans are great for simple websites, which don't require much bandwidth or dynamic content. Most small businesses would fit great into this plan, honestly. And, it's the least expensive way to get your website online.

VPS Hosting

A VPS is a "Virtual Private Server". If you've heard about virtual machines, VM's, or cloud hosting, this is what you're looking for. It's a bit pricier than a basic web hosting package, but not by much. We try to efficiently use the hardware we get, so we can keep prices under control.

Server leasing

You can lease a server in an actual data center, where you have sole control over the hardware. This tends to be the more expensive option, but if you need lots of storage, or lots of bandwidth, this would be the most price-efficient method.

On Site Hardware

You're going to have hardware on-site at your business, and we are more than capable of managing your hardware for you, so you can get the performance you need, but without the need to hire a full time IT staff, and you get to focus on your business.

IT Consulting

We can sit down over coffee, over a phone call, or over a video call, to work with you to develop a road map and solutions to solve your problems with the current generation of technology. We always aim for efficient technology that is gentle on the environment such as refurbished equipment, or to repurpose your current equipment. Contact us to schedule a chat.

Price listing

Service Cost
Web Hosting $2.50US/month
Database Hosting $1.00/month (MariaDB)
VPS $5.00US/month (1 Core, 1GB RAM, 20GB disk)
Server Leasing Please contact us for a quote
On Site Hardware Please contact us for a quote
IT Consulting $125US/hr remote, $185US/hr on-site, first engagement no charge (Max of two hours)
Remote System Management $25US/month per chassis, please contact us for environments with more than one or two devices

Most services can be negotiated into a package deal, ie VPS, remote management, and X number of consulting engagement hours per month, which would save you over purchasing these services individually. Also, if you are a cooperative, please reach out to us, as cooperatives get special consideration for pricing.